Automatic covers for swimming pools - new color

A few weeks ago we talked about the appearance of pool aesthetics projects in the Rollo Solar catalog 2017, today we would like to talk about the catalog again to name some of the novelties.

This year, Rollo Solar presents a new profile color, which blends in well with natural landscapes and offers a unified view of the garden and the pool.

The new color leaf green-black (solar), offers a number of advantages, not only in the aesthetic aspect, but also technically:

  • The transparent or semitransparent surface absorbs sunlight, so your pool will warm up to 3 ° C per day.
  • The construction of four hollow chambers guarantees a better buoyancy of the profiles and thus more safety.
  • The dark background gives solar energy to the pool water.
  • The 13/60 PC profile size can withstand hailstones up to 4 cm in diameter.
  • The rounded hook is colored black to protect against algae formation and self-cleaning due to its round shape.
  • The curved shape ensures perfect water circulation and makes it easier to wind up the cover.