Installation of automatic covers for swimming pools

Now that we’re in the fall and winter is coming, it’s time to protect your pool, but do you know how to do it? With the installation of an automatic-pool-cover from pool-aesthetics!

Mainly the covers for swimming pools should protect them from bad weather and dirt. In pool-aesthetics we install covers of every kind, with the roll-up one of the most common being for their comfort, quality and safety.

Advantages of installing an automatic cover for swimming pools.

There are many advantages to installing an automatic cover of your pool. Some of these advantages are:

Energy saving: By installing covers in swimming pools, you can keep the water warm longer time. You can enjoy your pool for a few more weeks! Thanks to the active heating by the power of the sun, the solar panels heat up the water up to 3 ° C per day. They are available in different colors.

Clean Water: By installing swimming pool covers you avoid the ingress of light, which reduces the production of algae. You save on additionally chemical products. When the pool is covered, no dirt comes into the water, such as leaves or branches.

Less evaporation: more savings: When the pool is uncovered, water loss through evaporation becomes more apparent. Thanks to the installation of a cover, you can maintain the water level and thus consistently save economically.

Do not think twice and install a pool aesthetics cover in your pool, you will not regret it.

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