Heated sports and spa pools with roll-up cover for energy efficiency in Mallorca

Pool Aesthetics’ project in Mallorca with luxury heated pools for spa, wellness and training, equipped with a roll-up cover for greater energy efficiency, is featured in the German specialist magazine “Haus und Wellness”.

“Haus und Wellness” is the German trade magazine of reference among discerning property owners looking for inspiration and exclusive pool projects.

In the April/May 2023 issue of “Haus und Wellness” the innovative Pool Aesthetics project was presented, of which we carried out both the design and construction for an American couple in Port d’Andratx in Mallorca.

The owner (an engineer by profession) had clear ideas. The pools were to have a specific size and straight lines. However, they were also open to new details regarding design and execution.

Find out more about the project in the trade magazine “Haus und Wellness” here.

Below you can read in detail the client’s specific wishes, challenges and general project data.

  • Pool basin designed with straight lines respecting the typical Majorcan style.
  • A very special tile from Villeroy & Boch was used for the tiling (the areas of the glass, the overflow and the shape of the staircase were planned in such a way that no tile had to be cut).
  • Integration of a waterfall in a natural stone wall for massage of the neck and shoulder area
  • Cutting-edge pool technology for longer life, greater energy efficiency and improved water quality

Here you can find more information about solutions for vessel design, water traction and energy concepts.

Rollo-Solar’s pool enclosures feature energy-efficient technology. Thanks to the fourth chamber of the roller cover profile, more buoyancy and safety is achieved. In addition, the insulation capacity is unique due to the large air chamber. With a load capacity of up to 100 kg/m. of the 13/60 profile represents the highest performance. Of course, it is also available as a practical solar variant. The transparent surface and the black bottom of the profile allow maximum absorption of the sun’s energy, so that the pool temperature can be increased by up to 3°C per day.

Read more about our pool cover solutions here.

Technology for swimming pools only from Ospa: pumps with frequency converter, massage system, waterfall, filtration system, device for lowering the water level and water treatment.

The use of natural salt and highly effective activated carbon is the key to achieving excellent water quality: as if fresh from the spring, clean and rich in oxygen. Gentle on skin and eyes. No unpleasant odors.

Read more about our water treatment solutions here.

Thanks to Wibre’s outdoor and pool lighting, the property will become the center of attention even after dark.

Spa-Sport-Pool-beheizt-Rollladenabdeckung Mallorca
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Companies involved in the project

Construction of the swimming pool:

Pool Aesthetics, www.pool-aesthetics.com


Massage system, cascade, pumps, filtration system, dosing system, automation system:

OSPA, www.ospa-schwimmbadtechnik.de

Roll-up cover:

Solar Rollo, www.rollo-solar.de

Swimming pool lighting technology:

Wibre, www.wibre.de


Villeroy & Boch, www.villeroy-boch.de

More about the project in the April/May 2023 issue of the magazine "Haus + Wellness".