Indoor Pools

Indoor Pools

The project planning of an indoor swimming pool requires each planning step professional executed. From calculating the engine room size up to the selection of appropriate materials, all details must be matched up professionally.

Experts in Indoor Systems

Designing a dehumidifying, air conditioning and ventilation system for an indoor pool or a home spa is a complex and demanding job.

As indoor system experts, Pool-Aesthetics not only strive to obtain a comfortable temperature, humidity control, sufficient air circulation without drafts or noise and moisture from penetrating into other areas of the building, but we do so in a cost affective way.

All systems have the option to be controlled via the OSPA Blue Control panel for greater energy efficiency.

Insulation and steam barrier

Maintaining an indoor pool or spa at optimal conditions is down to impeccable sealing. Pool-Aesthetics offer effective customized solutions that protect construction materials and greatly reduce energy consumption.

By limiting unnecessary evaporation, you will save energy and still be able to enjoy swimming in a warm pool.