Pool Covers

All requirements met

As distributors of Rollo Solar products (prestigious German manufacturer), Pool-Aesthetics offer bespoke modern pool cover options.

Rest assured knowing that your children and pets are safe by installing one of the many reliable motorized systems available.

Recessed Installations

Advanced solution integrated in the pool is the first choice when planning new pools. This type of pool cover is suited for all types of pools, be it concrete or masonry pools – tiled, foil lined or even stainless steel.

Deck mounted Installations

A deck-mounted system can be a great addition to your pool installation as they can be fitted in retrospect. It’s reduced costs y simple installation make this type of installation a smart choice.


We complete our round up of cover possibilities with an ample range of laminated sheets, manufactured from high quality fabric that offers long lasting UV resistance.

  • Polycarbonate-PC: Ensures resistance against hailstones of up to 30mm in size and a deformation resistance up to 120 degrees. Available in all RAL colours.
  • PVC: Excellent quality laminated sheeting, available in various colours and versions. Ask for more information.
  • PVC – Ecoprotect: Offers high insulation.
  • Keeps in the sun’s heat (solar effect)
  • Children and pet protection
  • Insulation when the pool is heating up
  • Save on chemicals and water loss caused by evaporation
  • Protects from dirt and against accidents as the covers float
  • Unlimited shapes and sizes (e.g. up to 16m wide)

All cover systems have the option to be controlled via the OSPA Blue Control panel for greater energy efficiency.


Moreover, all systems can be covered in a wide range of different housings. Our cladding for deck mounted systems is available in wood, coloured plastics or aluminium finish. Our recessed systems can be clad in numerous ways. The materials used
can be adapted to suite your swimming pool surface. PVC, fibreglass, stainless steel and tiles.