Water Features

Beyond Relaxing

Close your eyes and imagine a world away from your worries and stresses. We can offer you beautiful and therapeutic solutions that combine exquisite design with the best available technology.

Waterfalls – a magical touch for your home

Allow your shoulders and neck to be revitalized by the force of nature that is a waterfall. Relax on both a muscular and mental level and in the comfort of your own pool. Choosing the correct flow option is made easy by the illuminated OSPA sensor that can be fitted under water.

Aqua massage loungers – make yourself comfortable

Why not opt for one of our advanced ergo dynamic aqua massage loungers that are guaranteed to provide maximum relaxation. Underwater air jets gently let you unwind both physically and mentally.

Aqua Massage Units – the science of water in its purest form

Direct from OSPA, European brand leader in this sector, we are proud to offer our clients advanced aqua massage units guaranteed to leave you feeling as new. Tense muscles are massaged directly by powerful air jets installed in the swimming pool walls and are controlled by a single massage pump. The best in German aqua technology.

Geysers – a sensorial explosion

Awaken your senses with a Geyser. Underwater blowholes randomly create powerful jets of water and air that invigorate the mind, body and soul.

Countercurrent units – the instinct to overcome your limits

Powerful jets, individually alignable, to be activated by simply pressing a button and are flowed through at up to 21 liters of water per second. At full power, this force converts to a serious challenge even for experienced swimmers. Of course, the power can be adjusted to the individual needs of each swimmer.