Water Treatment

The excellence of Water

The most important feature of a first rate pool is its water treatment system. This is why we have chosen to be OSPA official distributors; the leading water treatment company in Germany and Switzerland that has developed technologically advanced purification systems. With this brand high quality water is guaranteed.

In addition to this, the Pool-Aesthetics team offer personalized consultation and technical support thanks to the continual training they receive.


Our OSPA filters remove the maximum amount of impurities from the water by offering optimal filtration. This means fewer chemicals need to be used when disinfecting the water. Furthermore, the OSPA Super filters remove bad odours, tastes and colourings safely and effectively too.



Enjoy a fresh water pool thanks to the OSPA intelligent purification system. This product uses the same active agents used to purify drinking water and meets the strictest of quality controls. This meticulously designed German system is fully automated and uses refined natural salt to treat the water.
Client benefits from clean, oxygen-rich water, with no need to handle and store chemical disinfectants


Blue Control

The OSPA Blue Control computerised system accurately controls and monitors all pool operations. This fully automated system not only allows you to save on energy but to use water responsibly as well.

Jacuzzis, water temperature, climate control, counter current units, covers and lighting: Now you can control everything from a single device. The touch screen Ospa Blue Control allows you to monitor, regulate and measure everything related to your pool with maximum ease and safety. Plus, you can do it all from your Smartphone or tablet.