The Ospa energy concept
convinces with stunning low energy consumption.

Without compromising on water quality.

You can rely on us. With the ECO line of the Ospa energy concept we ensure the best water quality for your pool while simultaneously providing an energy-efficient solution.

  • The large diameter of the Ospa reversing valves avoid energy loss due to frictional resistance.
  • Optimized filter flow due to sophisticated water distribution
  • Energy-efficient operation by constantly adapting the power consumption to the required performance any given time.
  • The optimum circulation capacity is always ensured.
  • Energy-efficient operation of the swimming pool through fully automatic monitoring and controlling of all swimming pool functions.
  • Optimized energy efficiency as all components come from a single manufacturer and are matched to each other – from your system supplier, Ospa.
  • Minimal consumption of disinfectants and pH correctors thanks to natural salt and highly effective activated carbon.
  • In these modes the overflow of the water is deactivated but circulation continues by¬† pool suction.
  • Prevention of losses in the form of thermal energy and evaporation.
  • Decreasing water consumption
  • Less electricity consumption because less dehumidification is required and less heating is needed.
  • Decreasing energy consumption as the circulation of the water is no longer carried out via the water tank but in the so-called small circuit.
  • Possibility of lowering the room temperature when pool cover is closed.