German magazine spa&home

Once again we appear with our projects in the new edition of the German pool magazine Spa & home.

We create your reality

  In the planning phase, all the possibilities that we can suggest to you are born to define and plan your pool projects. The implementation of exclusive and customized designs, adapted to the tastes and needs of each client, together with our experience, guarantees a successful result.   Listening is the key to success Here […]

“Créme de la Créme”

Cover page in the magazine „Haus und Wellness“ Créme de la Créme“ is titled the reportage of our Marbella project, published by the renowned German magazine „Haus und Wellness“. Apart from the detailed report, we achieve to get the cover page of this last edition of December / January 2018.   This time it was […]

Ospa BlueControl® and your home automation control

  The innovative swimming pool control Perfect water quality at all times Energy efficient pool control Easy integration into building control technology Mobile control via smart phone, tablet or Internet   The Ospa- KNX or CRESTRON interface serve the connection if the Ospa- BlueControl system to a KNX compatible building technology. All relevant error and […]

Publication in the magazine „spa&home“ edition May/ Jun

„Island Feeling“ is titled of the reportage published in the magazine „spa & home“. This object consists of a swimming pool of 6x6m with water attractions, a decorative pool in the courtyard and two tiered decorative pools on the terrace. This project has been awarded with the BSW-Award 2017.

Underwater light. Redefined. CENTUM °°

  The CENTUM °° series includes built-in and surface-mounted floodlights for the underwater area. The light sources are particularly powerful and compact LED modules CENTUM °°. With proven quality and a multitude of variants, the CENTUM °° family is being successively extended.           A wide range of sizes, power levels and […]

Publication in the magazine „spa&home“

„New skyline“ is the name of the reportage, one of our project, published in the renowned magazine „spa & home“. The pool have something very special. Unlimited sea views thanks to an underwater window that replaces the outside wall of the pool. Once again, a successful project by @pool-aesthetics was selected for this renowned magazine […]

Pool aesthetics receives two „Pool Oscars“.

  The company pool aesthetics S.L. from Ondara was awarded with two BSW awards (the German Association for Swimming Pools and Wellness), one in silver and one in bronze.   Pool aesthetics received the prize in silver for an outdoor pool in the „Premium“ category, which the jury characterized: „A masterpiece meets aesthetic sense.“ The […]

The different types of overflow Pools

INFINITY Scenic and spectacular effect The infinity pool is the ideal solution for those who love the visual continuity between sea and sky or between earth and sky.  The water level reaches the limit of the wall and then falls by gravity into a compensation tank thus creating a spectacular cascade effect. The water can alternatively […]

Pool aesthetics protagonist of the German magazine „Haus und Wellness“

Once again, pool-aesthetics come out in the December / January edition of the German swimming pool and wellness magazine „Haus und Wellness“. On this occasion the magazine has published an article of our latest work in Jávea (Alicante, Spain). It’s a project that has been very satisfying for both, the client and us, and where […]

Construction of overflow pools

It is increasingly common to beautify outdoor areas by building infinity pools. In the Mediterranean area, the goal is to integrate in the constructions of houses and garden areas according to the vegetation and the landscape of the area. The white houses of Ibiza and the Mediterranean gardens of Formentera are famous. Construction of overflow […]

Installation of automatic covers for swimming pools

Now that we’re in the fall and winter is coming, it’s time to protect your pool, but do you know how to do it? With the installation of an automatic-pool-cover from pool-aesthetics! Mainly the covers for swimming pools should protect them from bad weather and dirt. In pool-aesthetics we install covers of every kind, with […]

Color therapy: The use of colors to change your mood

An Introduction to Color Therapy. Color therapy and healing (also known as chromo therapy or light therapy) is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. Colorterapia: Guide to every color and its effects The color therapy technique has […]


In pool aesthetics we have been working in the construction of swimming pools all over Spain for more than 20 years. We also have international projects as well as in the Balearic and Canary Islands. From our office in Ondara (near Denia, Jávea, Alicante) we design and build personalized swimming pools according to the tastes […]

House and Wellness magazine

This project in Mallorca is not only the prize-winner of the BSW Award (Federation of Swimming Pools and Wellness EV), but also the title story of the swimming pool expert magazine „House and Wellness“ issue August / September 2017. Where is reported in a detailed article about the execution and the highlights of this swimming […]

pool-aesthetics wins the BSW, the Oscar of swimming pools

If the highest international distinction in the cinema is to win an Oscar, there is no greater recognition in the world of swimming pools than winning a BSW Award. The annually BSW awards prizes that distinguish design, technology and innovation in the world of swimming pools and spa & wellness areas. These awards were awarded […]

Stainless steel pools from pool-aesthetics

In pool aesthetics, we are always looking for differentiation and quality. For this reason we have a special selection of stainless steel pools that will surely mark the difference in any home or project. Discover more in our video or request information at

Automatic covers for swimming pools – new color

A few weeks ago we talked about the appearance of pool aesthetics projects in the Rollo Solar catalog 2017, today we would like to talk about the catalog again to name some of the novelties. This year, Rollo Solar presents a new profile color, which blends in well with natural landscapes and offers a unified […]

Pool aesthetics projects in the new Rollo Solar 2017 catalog

Rollo Solar, our supplier of high-quality pool covers, has presented its new product catalog 2017. We are satisfied to announce that two of the latest pool aesthetics projects are being presented. At Pool-aesthetics we are specialists in the construction of high quality, large format custom covers, with Rollo Solar as our main supplier. In the […]