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Swimming pool filters

The basic idea of Ospa pool filters is to filter out the maximum possible contaminants through optimal filtration and to then gently disinfect the water. The better a filter removes organic contaminants, the less chemical water disinfection is required.

Ospa swimming pool filters guarantee maximum filtration results thanks to their design and sophisticated internal water distribution. The additional activated carbon filter layer chemically binds unwanted substances, catalytically converts them and absorbs dissolved organic substances. As a result, the filters are also able to reliably and safely remove odor, taste and colourings from the water. This also includes the combined chlorine, which is responsible for the chlorine smell. Thanks to speed-controlled pumps, this even works in a particularly energy-saving way. In addition, with our filters you need significantly less disinfectant for maximum natural swimming pool and pool water.

For public baths, such as hotel baths or hospital baths, swimming pool filters according to DIN 19605 or equivalent are required. Ospa multi-layer filter systems exceed the water quality requirements of DIN 19643 under all tested operating conditions. This is proven by unique and comprehensive investigations by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr Area.

The high-quality filter material “Hydroanthrasit S” ensures optimum filtration. However, not only the filter material, grain size, layer height and filtration speed determine the quality of swimming pool and pool filters, but also the internal hydraulics. With the Ospa diffuser technology, the internal hydraulics have been perfected. Special water distributors matched to the respective filter vessel ensure that the filter surface is exposed to turbulence-free conditions – the smoother, the better the filtration result. The filter material consists of adsorptive Hydroanthrasit S, filter quartz sand and three graduated support layers of filter quartz gravel.

The robust Ospa polyester filter vessels are made of multilayer hand laminate using highly chemical resistant resins and have the KSW test certificate. By using high quality plastic for the diffuser system or bronze and stainless steel for the self-closing Ospa reversing valves, you have the guarantee of maximum corrosion resistance for a long lifetime and high mechanical resilence of the filter systems.