Feel-good water for the senses

Do you want the most natural water possible in your wellness area? Then you have come to the right place. We only use active substances for the disinfection of your swimming pool water that are also approved in the drinking water ordinance.

The operating costs of the Ospa-BlueClear® plants are extremely low. The average salt consumption of a private indoor swimming pool is only about 10 kg per month. The average power consumption is 30 W, maximum 100 W. If the system is in operation for 12 hours a day, this results in a power consumption of approx. 360 W. Assuming an electricity price of 0.26 €/kWh, this is only 0.09 € per day.

The Ospa-Blue-Clear® systems work fully automatically thanks to the latest measuring and control technology. In conjunction with Ospa-BlueControl® or Ospa-CompactControl®, values such as free chlorine or pH value are regulated automatically as required. Overdosing or underdosing is avoided and consumables and costs are saved.

The Ospa-BlueClear® system have been tested for their effectiveness by the Hygiene Institute Gelsenkirchen (Germany). This test confirms that Ospa-BlueClear® systems achieve a particularly high redox potential and thus safe disinfection. The redox potential provides information about the ratio of reducing substances (impurities) to oxidizing substances (e.g. chlorine-oxygen compounds). A high value with a high disinfection speed and disinfection power of e.g. 780 mV is an indication of high water quality and can easily be achieved with Ospa-BlueClear® systems.