Professional planning of underwater lighting for swimming pools

We plan the underwater lighting of swimming pools in hotels, public and private areas.

In our planning we convert the ideas worked out together into a functional overall concept. We focus on energy efficiency and technical solutions that lay the foundation for carefree bathing pleasure.

On special request, we can create a 3D view for you so that you can better imagine your future wellness oasis. At the end of the planning phase, we will provide you with individual construction and installation plans that will ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

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Pool Aesthetics won the “EUSA Gold Award 2019” in the “Best Pool by Night” category with this project.

Light and water. Redefined.

The CENTUM°° series from Wibre includes recessed and surface-mounted floodlights for underwater applications. Particularly powerful and compact LED modules are used as light sources.

A wide range of sizes, output levels and beam characteristics are available for a wide variety of installation situations and lighting tasks.

There are variants with three different white tones to choose from (6000K, 4500K and 3000K) as well as Dynamic White to customize the white tones. RGB white variants are available for color design, also here with 6000K, 4500K and 3000K.

From a pool width of 8 meters, we recommend arranging the floodlights opposite each other at a distance of approximately 3 meters. This results in the number of spotlights per pool length. The positioning can be parallel or offset.

A one-sided arrangement makes sense for narrower pools.

Swimming pool spotlight 4.0292 from Wibre

The bestseller has made history, because for generations it has been creating added value with white or royal blue light for pool areas up to 12 meters wide in public pools and hotels all over the world.

The performance and quality of the recessed spotlight are still unsurpassed today and, thanks to its unique beam characteristics, it makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection by preventing light pollution.

The underwater spotlight delivers up to 6900 lumens – ideal for hotel pools and public pools

The innovative technology directs the light exclusively into the width and depth of the pelvic floor. As a result, hardly any light enters the atmosphere and glare is avoided at the same time.

Wibre Scheinwerfer Technikwerte